Install VTR

  1. Download the VTR release

  2. Unpack the release in a directory of your choice (herafter referred to as $VTR_ROOT)

  3. Navigate to $VTR_ROOT and run


    which will build all the required tools.


$VTR_ROOT should be replaced with the path to the root of VTR source tree on your machine.

The complete VTR flow has been tested on 64-bit Linux systems. The flow should work in other platforms (32-bit Linux, Windows with cygwin) but this is untested.

See also

More information about building VTR can be found in the Developer Guide

Please let us know your experience with building VTR so that we can improve the experience for others.

The tools included official VTR releases have been tested for compatibility. If you download a different version of those tools, then those versions may not be mutually compatible with the VTR release.

Verifying Installation

To verfiy that VTR has been installed correctly run:

$VTR_ROOT/vtr_flow/scripts/ basic_flow

The expected output is: