• ctags

  • bison

  • flex

  • g++ 9.x

  • cmake 3.16 (minimum version)

  • time

  • cairo

  • build-essential

  • libreadline-dev

  • gawk tcl-dev

  • libffi-dev

  • git

  • graphviz

  • xdot

  • pkg-config

  • python3-dev

  • libboost-system-dev

  • libboost-python-dev

  • libboost-filesystem-dev

  • zlib1g-dev


To build the VTR flow with the Parmys front-end you may use the VTR Makefile wrapper, by calling the make CMAKE_PARAMS="-DWITH_PARMYS=ON" command in the $VTR_ROOT directory.


Our CI testing is on Ubuntu 22.04, so that is the best tested platform and recommended for development.


Compiling the VTR flow with the -DYOSYS_F4PGA_PLUGINS=ON flag is required to build and install Yosys SystemVerilog and UHDM plugins. Using this compile flag, the Yosys-F4PGA-Plugins and Surelog repositories are cloned in the $VTR_ROOT/libs/EXTERNAL directory and then will be compiled and added as external plugins to the Parmys front-end.

Basic Usage

To run the VTR flow with the Parmys front-end, you would need to run the run_vtr_flow.py script with the start stage specified as parmys.

./run_vtr_flow `PATH_TO_VERILOG_FILE.v` `PATH_TO_ARCH_FILE.xml` -start parmys


Please see Run VTR Flow for advanced usage of the Parmys front-end with external plugins.


Parmys is the default frontend in VTR flow which means it is no more necessary to pass build flags to cmake or explicitly define the start stage of vtr flow as parmys.