Pass Requirements

The parse_vtr_task scripts allow you to compare an executed task to a golden reference result. The comparison, which is performed when using the -check_golden option, which reports either Pass or Fail. The requirements that must be met to qualify as a Pass are specified in the pass requirements file.

Task Configuration

Tasks can be configured to use a specific pass requirements file using the pass_requirements_file keyword in the Tasks configuration file.

File Location

All provided pass requirements files are located here:


Users can also create their own pass requirement files.

File Format

Each line of the file indicates a single metric, data type and allowable values in the following format:

  • <metric>: The name of the metric.

  • <requirement>: The metric’s pass requirement.

    Valid requiremnt types are:

    • Equal(): The metric value must exactly match the golden reference result.

    • Range(<min_ratio>,<max_ratio>): The metric value (normalized to the golden result) must be between <min_ratio> and <max_ratio>.

    • RangeAbs(<min_ratio>,<max_ratio>,<abs_threshold>): The metric value (normalized to the golden result) must be between <min_ratio> and <max_ratio>, or the metric’s absolute value must be below <abs_threshold>.

Or an include directive to import metrics from a separate file:

%include "<filepath>"
  • <filepath>: a relative path to another pass requirements file, whose metric pass requirements will be added to the current file.

In order for a Pass to be reported, all requirements must be met. For this reason, all of the specified metrics must be included in the parse results (see Parse Configuration).

Comments can be specified with #. Anything following a # is ignored.

Example File

vpr_status;Equal()                      #Pass if precisely equal
vpr_seconds;RangeAbs(0.80,1.40,2)       #Pass if within -20%, or +40%, or absolute value less than 2
num_pre_packed_nets;Range(0.90,1.10)    #Pass if withing +/-10%

%include "routing_metrics.txt"          #Import all pass requirements from the file 'routing_metrics.txt'